The Quotable Pablo Paez

Student Government President Pablo Paez is always available to talk to the University Press. Since he was elected in April, 2002, Paez has been quoted in UP stories on subjects ranging from tuition increases to marching bands.

April, 2002

On why he campaigned for his position, despite running unopposed: “The election is not the end but the beginning of a long year of hard work. The more people you can get your message, the more successful you can be.”

June, 2002

On tuition increases: “We feel that the local boards shouldn’t have the power to raise tuition. They need to know how to use that power wisely — and for the best interests of students.”

July, 2002

On FAU’s marching band: “Finally, FAU’s on the map with athletics and now we need a marching band.”

September, 2002

On the importance of voting: “We as students need to realize that unless we become a major voting force, we will never become a major lobbying force.”

October, 2002

On choosing which courses to take: “I think students deserve to have more sources of information about professors and classes.”

November, 2002

On FAU and FIU’s football rivalry: “…this will bring spirit at both schools. It shows our involvement for now and years to come.”

December, 2002

On changes in the withdrawal policy: “If you’re going to go to a professional school, like law school, medical school, or even just grad school, the number of Ws on your transcript will affect your chances for admission.”