More clubs than the LAPD

“There’s nothing to do here,” “I’m bored,” and “Four hours between my classes-how am I going to kill that much time?” Does this type of whining sound familiar? Do you and you friends find yourselves without anything to do during your time here at Florida Atlantic University? Well then, get off your lazy a**es and get involved!

There are many clubs and organizations at FAU, but they’re not going to come looking for you. If you can’t find anything to do, I would suggest moseying on down to the Breezeway and, instead of b**ching about how bored you are while chugging overpriced coffee, maybe you should look around and notice the hundreds of flyers all over the place (yes, you can stop and read these, it’s ok, I promise).

These flyers announce all sorts of events hosted by a wide range of organizations, from dances at local clubs to plays being performed by FAU theatre students. Clubs are part of the whole college experience, helping you become involved with your fellow students, meet people, and form relationships.

The constant excuse that “this is just FAU” is becoming clichí©. Yes, FAU is a commuter school, but that doesn’t mean the students aren’t allowed to care. The A stands for Atlantic, not Apathy. Michelle Perkins, a coordinator at the Student Development & Activities Office, says, “It is a challenge for clubs to schedule meetings and events, as students work a great deal.” If any of you doubt the existence of all these clubs, then log on to the Florida Atlantic University Student Development Website– (

There you will find an alphabetical list of nearly one hundred seventy clubs, fraternities, sororities, and service organizations that are officially recognized by Florida Atlantic University.Another option is to go to the Student Development & Activities Office, located in the University Center on the second floor in Room 204, and pick up a “blue book,” which is a pamphlet containing a variety of clubs and service organizations recognized by FAU along with advisors’ contact information. These clubs range from athletic organizations to a wide variety of spiritual and religious groups.

Yes, there is something for everyone here at FAU-the only catch is YOU have to make the effort to get involved in them. “It is up to the students to develop themselves,” says Perkins, so stop waiting for a club to find you. Be involved or be bored-it’s your choice.