Diversity flourishes at the Sundance Festival

The night of Friday, November 15 gave FAU students an opportunity to observe different cultures, to try exotic cuisine, and listen to diverse music. Student Government sponsored the 2002 Sundance Music and Arts Festival between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. in the FAU Gymnasium.

Nine different student organizations were present at the Festival: the Thai Student Organization, Konbit Kreyol, the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Phi Alpha Delta, the Volunteer Center, Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI), the Jamaican Association, the Caribbean Connection Club, and the Society for the Promotion of Indian Culture and Ethics (SPICE).

Most, if not all, of these organizations had tables setup. There were also representatives from each organization at the tables, where they explained what they were displaying to passersby. Many organizations were recruiting new members. David Korn, the director of SAVI, said his organization is always looking to recruit and promote volunteerism at FAU.

Some organizations, like SPICE, for example, had traditional food from the country or region they were representing.

At the table for the Thai Student Organization, there were some arts and crafts from Thailand, and a few pieces looked like food. A few passersby commented on this, saying how well-crafted they were.

The schedule for the evening included eight performances, as well as the food fest. But there was, quite unexpectedly, an impromptu dance competition.

The reggae band Heru kicked things off for the night, followed by two mimes. These were undoubtedly the quietest performers of the evening.

The next thing scheduled was the food fest, which gave everyone in attendance the chance to eat food from Asia, the Caribbean, and other parts of the world.

There was jerk chicken and belau from the Caribbean; egg rolls, chicken fried rice, and beef and vegetables from China; and curry chicken, rice, and paneer masala from India.

The dance competition was after the food fest. People from different organizations and also a few audience members participated. The competition consisted of four mixed couples dancing with each other. The music would periodically be changed and each couple would have to dance in a different style.

The SPICE fashion show was next on the agenda. The break-dancers followed. Both received a lot of applause and cheers.

Afterwards, there was a musical performance from Sweet Groove. Finishing up the night were performances from Korel Johnston and ALAS.