Students show off at MacArthur’s talent show

From songs to a sax, guitars to drums, and lyrical to interpretive dances, students on the MacArthur Campus showed off their many talents with flair to a packed MAC auditorium on Friday evening, October 18.

The MacArthur Campus’s third annual talent show was put on by the department of residential life and co-produced by student RA’s Walteria Tucker and Jeremy Owens. After the first act, Jeremy popped out onto stage to entertain the audience between acts. Every few acts he changed clothes, and entertained the audience with jokes and crazy antics while the crew and performers got ready between acts.

Performances ranged from okay to absolutely stellar. Besides being Honors College students, and having to work extra hard in academics, these students exhibited some amazing skills.

One of the best performances was by student Tim Case, who wrote and performed a song about the simplicity of childhood called, “Back When a Stamp Cost 29 Cents (Who Gives a Damn about Current Events.)” He sang on key, the song was well written and genuine, and the acoustic guitar complimented the reminiscent tone of the piece. Other notable singing acts included Kimmy Pigott singing “I am” by Nicole Nordeman and Tito Sempertegui singing “El Dia que Me Quieras” by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Lepera.

“I am officially the happiest person on campus,” said student performer Tito Sempertegui.

Performing in five different acts, three of which he had the spotlight in, was student Carlos Lollett. His guitar, drumming, singing, and dancing skills kept him busy throughout the evening as he accompanied two acts, drummed with student Adam Iglesias, danced with student Ashley Carter, and gave a solo performance of “Crash into Me,” by the Dave Matthews Band.

Students in the talent show practiced three times per week for two hours at a time. Participants were selected last month at auditions, when the organizers asked people to star in the show.

The two-hour show was very informal, yet charming and entertaining. This show was the best event so far this year put on by the residential life staff. Both audience members and performers had an awesome time, and it was well worth the two hours to go see it.

Honors College professors Dr. Laura Barrett, Dr. Amy Broderick, Dr. Ted Murphy, and Dr. Miguel Vazquez judged the performances. There were four winners: Jamie Gillespie, Tim Case, Carlos Lollet and Adam Iglesias, and Rhayfon Pancho. The winners won gift certificates to local restaurants such as the Juno Beach Cafí©, Raven Bistro, Seagull’s Diner, Stadium Grill, and Zippo’s Italian Kitchen.