Two more students that don’t like Jeb

Fellow Citizens:

We cannot help but to respond to Mr. Nick Kalman’s argument against the Democratic candidates and the recent debates. It blows our minds to think that if this gentleman ever wants to have children one day, we would suggest to go elsewhere, due to Florida’s rank as almost dead last in the ladder of education system. Perhaps it is just our opinion, but when you measure a school based on one test, pick out the scores that look good, and then flaunt only the positive results as your own success, you’re just a bit biased towards the schools needing the money. For gosh sakes, if you want to reward the schools so badly, throw them an ice cream party. For $500 the kids will be happier and have no idea what the difference is.It just so happens that we are in the midst of a budget crisis, which was created in no small part by Jeb’s adhesion to the conservative mantra of “cut taxes and bureaucracy.” The Democratic message this year is not about new spending and new taxes, but that we need to restore the OLD spending limits. Strangely enough, if you look closely at what Republicans are saying, they seem to agree.Others like State Senator Ken Pruitt (R-St. Lucie), Jerry Regier (advocating a 16% increase in the DCF budget), and Jeb himself (announcing to spend an additional $2.8 billion on Florida schools) are recognizing the need to spend more money on essential programs, merely proving the point that Bush’s tax cuts put Florida into its present situation.It seems strange that three Democrats and three Republicans all agree we need to spend more money. The question we should be asking now is, “were Jeb’s tax cuts in the best interest of the state?” Clearly our “panel” of Democrats and Republicans all agree it was not. For those who need to be reminded, Jeb was only able to cut taxes thanks to the financial settlement of tobacco company litigation fought for by the late Lawton Chiles and outgoing Attorney General Bob Butterworth. This money was intended to pay for schools, anti-smoking messages, health care, and other services without raising taxes. Instead, Jeb gave the money back through targeted tax-cuts, favoring political supporters. Instead of saving, Jeb Bush gave all the money away and now our lost children in DCF, our seniors, our wetlands, and our schools are inadequately funded.With a Democrat in Tallahassee we will not have to worry about squandering our financial windfalls on risky tax-cuts that go beyond trimming fat and instead toward severing limbs. And with a man like Bill McBride, Florida can realize the golden future the Sunshine state deserves.

Christina Cernansky, Political Science MajorAbby Ross, Civil Engineering Major