THEATRE ON A BUDGET: Festival Repertory

Charley’s Aunt and Cabaret have been fabulous successes in the Griswald theater on our FAU Boca Raton campus. Tickets to the shows are not easy to obtain. On the opening night of cabaret, Friday, June 28, there were only back row seats available and only 19 of those were available. There was a certain buzz around the performances that drew the crowd in, and a diverse crowd at that. In attendance on Friday night there was everyone from Grandmothers, to little children.

Both productions are comedic in nature, yet offer two very different story plots. Cabaret boasts an underlying message of tolerance and political diplomacy, intertwined with sexual freedom. Charley’s Aunt on the other hand offers a more light hearted mockery of a time past. It serves as a refreshing reminder of a time where society respected chivalry and held a higher value on relationships.

All those in attendance were equally pleased with there time well spent. Even the intermission did not lack commedic entertainment. Charley’s Aunt and Cabaret are two fantastic shows, with fabulous casts. It’s not easy to work on two large scale productions with such a small budget- but they did it, and well. The theater department should stand up and take a bow.

Cabaret will be showing through July 21st, and Charley’s Aunt will be showing until July 20th. Both these shows are best bets for a great night out so don’t miss your last chance to see them.

For ticket information call the box office at 561/297-3737