Thanks to a good Samaritan

On May 28, 2002 our family had to face the hard decision to put our Mother in an Assisted Living Residence. Mom is an Alzheimer’s patient and the Residence that was selected came with very high recommendations, and was listed as a secured residence for Alzheimer patients.

Mom is at the stage of this horrible disease where her she no longer recognizes where she is, no short term memory and at times does not recognize us. The decision to move Mom to a secure facility was one that was not made lightly. Research was done and recommendations were sought. So on May 28, 2002 we were left with no choice but to move Mom to this secured residence for her safety and well being.

On June 2, 2002 Mom walked out of this residence and no one stopped her. She walked down Glades Rd and to the campus of FAU. Only by the grace of God, she was not hit by a car or wandered off into the woods, not to be found until it was to late.

A Good Samaritan found Mom wandering around and realized there was a problem. She did not know where she was, who she was, or where she was going. If it was not for this kind hearted person we would have lost Mom that night. This kind hearted person was able to get in touch with the residence Mom was suppose to be at and they came and got her. They never got this person name or number. Needless to say Mom is no longer at that facility.

My sisters and I would like to extend our thanks to you. You saved our Mother’s life. If you had not helped her that Sunday night we may never had seen her alive again. We would love to thank you in person but we do not who you are.

Rest assure that we will always remember the stranger who chose to help a confused elderly lady and give her 3 daughters a little more precious time with her.

Thank you again for helping Mom!

The Family of Beverly Ralphs

Carole Sweetman

Nancy Tack

Barbara Ruebush