‘Hate: We don’t want you at FAU’

Kelly Tyko

FAU isn’t in the news that often, so when every area media outlet showcases something about the school, you can get bet it will be interesting. Or usually, it just means it will be negative attention.

The incident that happened on July 13 was one of the bad ones. Not the type of publicity the university prefers.

While the other papers covered the incident, the UP didn’t feel it was newsworthy enough to write a huge exclusive or cancel the story about the marching band. (Now, that’s the sort of story that can showcase the university.)

Since giving someone attention, even negative, sometimes justifies their reasons, the UP didn’t feel like adding a big story to someone’s scrapbook.

The short version is a hateful and offensive email was sent to two university officials – Interim President Richard Osburn and Dean of Students Leslie Bates. The email, which slanders a religious group, was also posted around campus, probably by the perpetrators. And now, someone’s getting his or her kicks out of all the coverage this “little hoax” provided.

Now that I fed into their ploys, something I believe to be a hoax, I have a message for the sender.

If you believe FAU to be such a horrible place then leave. We don’t need your hate.

Do what the popular acronym of FAU suggests: Find Another University.

–Kelly Tyko, UP editor-in-chief

(While we didn’t choose to print the email in the paper, you can view the email here. But, beware, it might offend you.)