He Said

Maybe Cassandra is right. Maybe it’s because the media doesn’t pay any attention to it, or maybe guys are just scared to admit it, but I’ve rarely heard about a male with an eating disorder.

I think the main reason for this is that when talking about a male with an eating problem it’s handled in a completely different way.

For example: A good friend of mine was a very serious wrestler. He watched his weight so he could remain in a certain weight class. It got a little out of hand and he ended up getting very sick, but when they referred to his situation not once did I hear anyone refer to his problem as an eating disorder. It wasn’t that they didn’t know he had an eating disorder, they just didn’t call it that.

So I don’t think the problems aren’t being dealt with, I just think that society has a problem with putting the same label on men as they do on women, which is a problem in itself.

So even though I wouldn’t disagree that there should definitely be more information on eating disorders in males, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that men are completely in the dark on the subject.