Meet the new SG president

Kelly Tyko

Mukarrum Mawjood moved into his new office last week – the office of the student-body president. Thing is, Mawjood wasn’t sworn in as president yet.

He still wasn’t sworn in, as of the UP’s press time.

But regardless of starting the semester without his presidency official, Mawjood says he’s ready to take over the presidency from his predecessor Burak Kuntay, who officially resigned on Jan. 10.

He’s also ready to meet you.

“I want the students to know that when I’m president, I will be the student’s president. I’m accessible. Whatever they need, I’m there for them. They can come here and I’ll meet with them. I walk through the Breezeway about five times a day.

“If they have a problem, I want them to come to Student Government. If they can solve it, we’ll direct them to departments … I’ll even take them there,” Mawjood says.

Handling other matters is another item on the top of his agenda.

“I want Student Government to be involved with academics. Because of that I’m working to establish a tutoring committee that will work with different departments and help out multicultural affairs. Beef them up and also expand their book loan program.

In addition, Mawjood wants to look into having a tutoring room – for each of the campuses.

“When I’m president, everything that’s the presidential administrative cabinet, will be University-wide,’ says Mawjood. “We will contact the different campuses and ask them how we can use this committee to help the students of all the campuses.”

The biomedical science and neuroscience senior is the first FAU student to not be elected into his position, though he doesn’t want you to think that makes him unqualified. “I can serve the students as best as I can. And also I can serve the students as best as Burak. Or even better.

“I want the whole student body to know that I think that I’m one of the most experienced people in Student Government. I have been chairperson of clubs. I have been the presidents of clubs. I’ve been the president of the Pre-Med society and still am the president of the Pre-Med Society. I’ve held different vice-president positions.

“I have been a senator. I’ve been the assistant chair of ways and means, the chair of ways and means, and the chief of staff for Pablo. I’m very experienced and very capable of holding this position,” Mawjood says.