He said

Many people feel that TV and movies show too much sex, nudity, and at some times pornographic content. What I’m trying to say is that there is nothing wrong with that.

First, some may say that sex is a basic instinct and that we all should know what we’re doing, but I’d like to point out that numerous couples are just not satisfied with their sex lives. By showing sex on TV and such, partners can explore different avenues into pleasing their mates.

Second, television shows, although not entirely accurate, at some points do actually help people understand when and when not to make that important step towards intimacy.

Finally, television, movies, and media in general have been stereotyped into a category where their only responsibility is to entertain. This is not actually the case. TV has the power to educate and inform. And in this capacity, why should we limit our educational programming to Sesame Street and the Discovery Channel when we can learn about relationships in shows like Friends and Sex in the City?

All I’m saying is that I like sex on TV, and there’s nothing wrong with that.