UP, June 19

Welcome to the new UP. When I took over — that’s right, they let me run a newspaper — I kept hearing complaints about my favorite little publication. Kept hearing about things you guys wanted changed. Less ads! More color! More mugs of Cortes! OK, I only made up one of those. People love ads, obviously.

So I made big changes. You’re now reading this issue in full color, all on glossy pages. You’re reading an issue with double the amount of editorial to ads. And, clearly, my mug is here to greet you whenever you feel so inclined. I’m a senior now, and I remember starting as a freshman in the summer of ‘09. FAU was nearly empty — just me, my crew and my biceps. No more. In fact, we spent time this summer with some of the most interesting and inspirational people walking through the Burrow. Their stories follow.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t, tell us. Use #MeetFAU or @upressonline on Twitter and your voice will be heard. It always is.

 Table of contents:

Page 4: Meet Ann Marie Bedard — a 24-year- old grad student who’s used her disabilities to disprove others.

Page 10Meet Mike Jarvis, the 67-year-old basketball coach who turned a fresh start in Boca into a fresh start for life.

Page 20Meet Howard Schnellenberger, a 78-year-old ambassador-at-large — and leg  pressing monster.

Page 26Meet Robert Huffman, the 22-year-old student body president who’s finding his voice.

The UP newsroom is located in room 214 of the Boca Student Union, and every Friday at noon we meet. Please come by and tell us what you think of the issue. Remember, this is your chance to yell at an editor about a story — in person.