FAU Registration Servers Crash Again

Dylan Bouscher

For the second night in a row, students were forced to wait hours past midnight to register for spring semester classes. The registration servers will be prone to crashes until spring, according to a top university official.

When course registration opened up for seniors at midnight Tuesday Nov. 15, the surge in activity caused the server to crash, according to Jason Ball, Chief Information Officer of Information Resource Management, which handles FAU’s servers. The following night the server had to be restarted again after juniors caused it to slow down, he added.

IRM was supposed to upgrade the servers in August, but they did not receive the new servers they ordered until two weeks ago. “What transpired was an initial influx of students getting to the servers,” said Ball,  “We have not switched to the new platform, which came in two weeks ago. It takes time to implement it, and install it.”

Ball expects the new servers to be “installed, tested and ready to go” by March 2012 — just in time for summer and fall 2012 class registration.

IRM Chief Technology Officer Mehran Basiratmand said that, to prevent future crashes,“We want to split the students up into multiple groups. Break them up by either college, or credit,”

For now, students can expect delays in course registration for spring semester this week.