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Congressman Allen West speaks to FAU students and faculty

Congressman Allen West talked about economic policy and took student questions in the Barry Kaye Hall on November 10. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Allison Nielsen

Congressman Allen West talked about economic policy and took student questions in the Barry Kaye Hall on November 10. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

Congressman Allen West (R-FL-22) brought conservative politics to the Barry Kaye Auditorium on Nov 10.

West, whose district encompasses the Palm Beach and Broward coastlines, spoke to around 200 students and faculty about the economy, recently passed bills and the importance of maintaining conservative values in today’s society.

After he was done speaking students and faculty were permitted to ask him questions.

In regards to education, West said he’s against  FCAT and the No Child Left Behind Act. “FCAT isn’t teaching [students],” West said, “It makes you a robot. We need a revamp of education.” West did not elaborate on what that revamp would entail.

When asked about the 2010 healthcare changes, West claimed the plan would increase the size of government substantially by adding 159 new agencies, thus increasing taxes and expanding the bureaucracy.

The Jack Miller Forum (JMF) hosted the event. Earlier this semester, the JMF hosted Congressman Ted Deutch (D-FL-19).

“[The Jack Miller Forum] isn’t partisan,” said political science professor Kevin Wagner, a member of the JMF’s advisory committee.“So we wanted to have both [Deutch and West] come by.”

Wagner told the UP that the JMF has invited Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson to speak during spring 2012, but neither have been confirmed as of press time.

West’s wife, Angela West, currently serves on FAU’s Board of Trustees.


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  • Bradley Rosendorf

    This summary of the event does not make mention of the most important and shocking moment that happened. I asked Allen West if he agrees with Herman Cain that “if you do not have a job it is your own fault and you should look in the mirror” and Allen West refused to say whether or not he agrees with that statement. Instead, he replied that I should “check with Herman on that one” which makes no sense at all because I was asking Mr. West if he agreed with that sentiment. Since Mr. West decided not to say he did not agree with that, his lack of response means he endorses that statement. Mr. West was greeted with a good deal of dissatisfaction with his views by the FAU audience and this summary does not accurately portray what happened. Just because his wife is a trustee, that doesn’t mean you folks need to cover up the fact that 99% of the audience was disgusted by his views about the economy. At one point Allen West said that Bill Gates and a random Wal-Mart clerk should pay the same tax percentage. You decided not to report that?


    Anon Reply:

    Cry more hippie. You seriously think you’re going to get a seasoned politician with some BS gotcha question at a university event?